About Us


Specialist Entertainment is also a Carnival Promotional Company with a team that has been involved in costume production and events planning and management for over 10 years.

Established in 2010, the “Addicted Mas Section” is an infectious, high energy costume section whose aim is to propel each masquerader into a state of complete natural high, getting him/her “addicted” to playing mas. Our stress-free Carnival experience includes a personalised friendly service from start to finish, dazzling quality costumes, great music, professional security and indescribable fun and vibes on the road.

Our chosen host at Notting Hill Carnival is Cocoyea Mas Band. Cocoyea Mas Band has been involved in Notting Hill Carnival for over 30 years and is one of the most established, experienced and well-organised mas bands on the road.

Check out our Carnival pages for further information on this year’s presentation and guidelines on how to join the “Addicted” family.

Present and Past Presentations

2019 Presentation – RAPTURE
This year in a celebration marking 10 years of Addicted mas and our relationship with the legendary band Cocoyea we look back at the energy, creativity, love, and elation. that we experience on the road.
The intense pleasure, That intense joy RAPTURE!!

2018 Presentation – ZENITH
History is flooded with the names of individuals who reached their Zenith illuminating our hearts and minds with their abilities; from Usain Bolt to Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jackson to Beyonce, The Mighty Sparrow to Bob Marley; Marcus Garvey to Martin Luther King. Those super-humans who rise to plateaus above us all, with seemingly effortless ease as if they were gifted with talents from the Gods, beyond mere mortals. ZENITH, this is where your powerful now is!

2017 Presentation – AFRO DOMINI
The year is A.D. 2017 and the Addicted Mas section invites you to join us on a journey of realisation, revelation, enlightenment and new understanding. Come with us and re-examine your past and present, through the lens of Afrocentric eyes.

2016 Presentation – SEVENTH HEAVEN
Addicted’s “Seventh Heaven” is an analogy for our lives and the release and bliss we experience on the days of Carnival: the creative energy that can only be described as mystical; the ecstasy we experience on the road; the mental and spiritual harvest we reap after a year of hard work and sacrifice; and the exaltation we feel when we raise our hands to the sweet vibrations of soca music. Completion; Perfection; Reward; 7Th Heaven.

2015 Presentation – ATOMIC
Atomic is Fusion. Ideas shared, goals collected, talents amalgamated,  Energies combined, and goals achieved. We are Atomic. Our energies have combined And we’re about to explode.

2014 Presentation – 05-50
As we approach the 50th year of this landmark on the British cultural landscape called the Notting Hill Carnival, and 5 years of the Addicted Mas Section partaking in this socio/cultural titan of a celebration with the legendary Cocoyea Mas Band, Addicted celebrates the past and present through the metallic lens of the future, in ZERO FIVE FIFTY.

Releasing the fire and passion we all carry within us, like fire breathing dragons of mythology, we soar through life obliterating any obstacles that may come our way, claiming fully our heart’s desire and our true destiny. Lose all fears and inhibitions, and realise the desire you carry in your heart. Release your fire inside!

2012 Presentation – KINGDOM COME
There are many who believe that 2012 is the year that the world as we know it will come to an end via a series of cataclysmic events. Others, like new age spiritualist believe that the world will go through a spiritual and physical transformation, bringing a new age of spiritualism over materialism, in the continuous evolution of the human race.

2011 Presentation – UNSTOPPABLE
Unstoppable is a metaphor for Caribbean/carnival culture, and its presence in the UK. The costume concept and design are an amalgam of inspirations that range from Orisha of the sea, ‘Yemaya’, the presence and experience of West Indians in London since 1948, to the contemporary music of British black artist Tinie Tempah.