2020, the world is struck almost at once by the coronavirus called covid 19. Like the powerful venom of the deathstalker scorpion, covid 19 caused paralysis and socio-economic paralysis globally. As the virus shut down the human capacity to breathe it also shut down the global community.

Medical institutions were paralysed by covid, businesses shut down, and highstreets abandoned society was forced to stay indoors as the venom of covid crippled paralysed, destroyed and then re-defined the world we live in today.


In 2022 as we re-adapt to a post-pandemic world the effects of the STING is manifesting in the sting of inflation, the sting of unemployment, the sting of broken homes, the sting of knife and gun violence, THE STING of gas prices as we live with the sting and new plagues threaten to cripple the globe once more and society seems to draw closer to collapse and the advent of a dystopian genesis forms on the horizon.

The costume, the costume influenced by the nonconformist anti-social fashion punk movement of the 80s and the modern-day fashion of (yeha leung) spikes and studs like thorns or stingers encourage social distancing, an anti-social practice encouraged by world governments during the pandemic. That intense joy

The Man; The male costume resonates with the style of the urban youth with gold chains and the hoody, with an exaggerated silhouette of a scorpion. and a headband.

The female. The female costume carries the sting motif from top to bottom. The tiara carries the spikes of the corona crown this motif is continued through the costume with spikes on holographic straps with the spikes from the neck and torso to the waist.

Sting is the time we live in the chaos we survived and the troubles to come. Sting is the fears around us and the fearlessness inside us. Sting is a conspiracy and suspicion. Sting is big brother and resistance. Sting is the beginning of the end and the birth of a new beginning

Addicted mas 2022