COSTUME – A creative, unique, quality costume – our costumes speak for themselves!
Check out our Carnival costume pages for detailed photos – www.addictedmas.com.

“PLUS ONE” Reward Scheme – Introduce a new masquerader to Addicted Mas, and you will receive a £10 discount on your costume price. However, the deal does not stop at just one: the more people you introduce; the greater your discount.

CARNIVAL SUNDAY AND MONDAY – Two days on the road with Cocoyea Mas Band. T-shirt fun with Cocoyea on Sunday 27 August 2023 and in full costume with Addicted Mas on Monday 28 August 2022. Cocoyea Mas Band has been actively involved in Notting Hill Carnival for over 30 years and is one of the most established and organised bands on the road.

FOOD AND DRINK – Your Addicted Mas experience includes an unlimited supply of non-alcoholic drinks, breakfast and lunch on Carnival Monday only. All meals are prepared to be tasty, lean and healthy.

MUSIC – Music will be provided by Specialist Entertainment’s Socalicious DJs and Cocoyea’s resident DJs.

SECURITY – There will be a professional team of security, who will ensure your safety, well-being and peace of mind while you play mas with Addicted Mas. They are specially trained to deal with the unique conditions and requirements on Carnival days.

THE SPOTLIGHT – On the road, Addicted Mas masqueraders can “play mas”; throughout the band as they like. However, we know you like your moment of glory on stage, therefore only at the competition judging point will the band be required to “get into sections”; to ensure you have your time in “the spotlight”.

FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT – With a friendly, personalised service on both days, you will feel the difference. Play with friends or on your own – you will automatically become part of the Addicted Mas family.

FUN – Indescribable fun…. just think “excitement, enjoyment, exuberance and pleasure”;…..renew the mind and the soul and get ready for THE BEST TIME EVER!!!!

SOCALICIOUS, CARNIVAL THURSDAY – A free ticket to Specialist Entertainment’s annual Carnival Thursday party, Socalicious, on Thursday 24 August 2023. In its 20th year, Socalicious is by far the party that kick-starts Notting Hill Carnival’s weekend celebrations.